I just bought this set for DD.

But I bought two addtional matching pieces (a tall dresser/chest of drawers and a bench). I spent literally 5 months searching for this. Then I stumbled upon it...and it was on sale! It was exactly what I was looking for. And DD's walls were already this color (the lighter of the two shown) and she already had curtains like these. I would have loved for her to have nice white and lavender bedding like pictured...but she insisted upon Li'l Mermaid or Spiderman. So I chose Li'l Mermaid. It ruins the look slightly but it's what she wanted so I went along.

I love this bedroom set! I hope she does, too. I'm thinking about buying the headbord and footboard also in a full or queen size so that when she gets older, if she still likes it, we can give her a bigger bed but keep the same set.

DS has a typical honey pine set from BRU that looks similar to the following crib with a matching changing table/dresser and armoire. (Hand me down from DD.)

This is his bedding, minus the wall hangings. (Thanks, Peppy.)

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