Both of my kids also have the natural wood furniture. Not necessarily what I love, but unfortunately, I've been unable to buy them furniture, so I take what I can get. Maxwell sleeps in a loft bed, and there is a small dresser and shelf that slide underneath it. He also has an older chest of drawers that needs to be replaced that really isn't the same color and kind of irritates me. I think it makes sense to keep to the same color scheme so pieces can be repurposed as necessary, if that makes sense.

Maya's room is girly in that the walls are a purplish pink, and there is (the remainder of) a fairy princess border (pink to match the walls, dark blue, and silver) (I say the remainder of because she was so kind as to remove part of it one afternoon when she awoke from her nap). Eventually, I might like to get her a more feminine bed (she currently is in a wooden toddler bed), and maybe replace the hardware on her dresser to make it prettier.