See that horizontal bar where it folds down? That's a launching pad for climbing toddlers. That particular design leads to early crib escape and she will need a toddler bed very early, possibly by a year old. Manufacturers have changed that design on most convertable cribs now, because it was such an escape hazzard.
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It really depends on the kid. We have that bar on our crib and X is 2+ years old and has never tried to climb out. I don't think he knows he can.
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I think you're right, DarkAngel. My daughter is 17 months and has never tried it. Neither did my 2 nieces or my nephew. I guess we don't have climbers in our family...LOL!
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Definitely, it depends on the kid. Mine were all non-climbers, and stayed in their cribs til they were around age 3...but I wouldn't have wanted to tempt them with the launching device. Once they get out just once, the jig is up.