I see nothing shady about his feelings either. I can completely understadn how he could be freaked out by the fact that the same parts of his wife that he enjoys sexually, are the same body parts his baby girl has. He prob thinks it is "yucky" of him to want to enjoy your parts knowing that his daughter has the same ones. I totally get that. Poor guy.

Oh and I agree about the nipple thing & I only breastfed for a month. But yeah, it took awhile to seperate nipples=babyfood adn nipples=fun in my head. I didn't want my husband to touch them at all. That was sicko to me! I think I have pretty much overcome that now though!
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

"...you could have a turd on your head and no one would notice."~Subbrock

"I had an imaginary puppy, but my grandpa ate him."~Bailey