My nephew escaped from his crib before he was a year old! He climbed out & was almost at teh stairs when my SIL saw him! Thank GOD she happened to be going to check on him b/c he had been napping & she was in teh shower! IT scared me to death when I heard! The lesson: always keep the baby's door shut and a gate at the top of the stairs even if you think they are too little!
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our son was just over a year when i heard a "thud" in the monitor, and then we both sat up in bed and heard him at the top of the stairs! i screamed. my husband jumped up and lunged for him. and i swooped him up doing the baby check: neck not broken, check. no broken limbs, check. no head wounds, check. my husband had to remind me that had he broken his neck falling out of the crib, he never would have made it up the steps! and the bed was on it's lowest setting. days later (he slept with us for a while after that) i asked him to show mommy how he could get out of his crib. i placed him in and he very nimbly hoisted his foot up and began to scale the darn thing!
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