Here are more useful tips from the Bad Swap thread:

I think that we shouldn't send out products without receiving payment first. I have done business online for YEARS and have run into people lying about not receiving packages (*cough* I had delivery confirmation on it) , sent payment out but never got it, books or item was damaged but will not send it back they just want a refund, etc.

Here is some advice to sellers:

1. DO NOT , under any circumstances, send out a product before payment.

2. Put a delivery confirmation on it , if at all possible. I will even add a delivery confirmation into the shipping costs and slip it in. I won't hardly send any packages anymore without this on it.

3. Always offer insurance. If they buyer does not want insurance it is not your fault if the item gets lost or damaged. Your fault- not theirs!

4. Package Your Items CORRECTLY! Don't send something small in a huge box or don't send a boat load of stuff that isn't quite stuffing in the box very good. This results in broke/damaged items and packages breaking open and items being lost.

5. If the person doesn't reply in 48 hours on if they are sure they want it and how they are sending payment.. let the item go to the next person who responds!

1. Please be courteous and email us sellers back when you email about a product! It is very rude to ask about something and say you are interested in purchasing and never reply.

2. Always ASK for a delivery confirmation or insurance. Some buyers offer, but I would. If the seller has sent the package they will be able ot send you this number and show it as being sent.

3. Please send Payments ON TIME! Don't wait 5 weeks to send a payment.

4. Don't send cash in the mail anymore. Its unwise and many post offices are having problems with cash being stolen. We live in a one horse town and have this problem!

Hope this helps!!

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