Also if I am going through a lot of life trauma or drama I tend to straighten my hair because it makes me feel more in control. I don't know why that is!
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Well, because that's sort of the whole point of curly hair, isn't it? Not so much that it's "out of control" like the curl-bashers like to say, but that it sorta has a mind of its own. I like to say it's spunky, and doesn't like us to try and tell it what to do.

But I think that I like having it curly during stress, because instead of feeling like I'm fighting with my hair like I used to, I feel like it's sorta.... backing me up. It's lending me some of its spunk and defiance, so I can be like, "Raarr! You will not make me cower or do anything I don't want to!!"
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Oh, I like that! Raarr!

I used to straighten all the time, years ago, then I quit completely when I figured out my hair and got a cut that worked with the curls. I think I've had my hair straightened only once in the past 20 years. My stylist blew it out, because someone else was using the heat lamps he usually uses for drying my hair. I told him it made me look like an anchorwoman. Not the response he was looking for! It looked okay, but it didn't look like me.