I finally found out why my in-laws are so uncomfortable with and perplexed by my breastfeeding. My mother-in-law claims that she had trouble doing it. First, she told me that she only breastfed each of her two kids for a month each because she had problems. When I asked her what problems, she said she had problems in the hospital because her breasts got hard and milk leaked out and it was "too much." I said I thought it just sounded like her milk coming in and maybe she was an oversupplier like me. She said no, she was ill with a fever (I thought mastitis, but do you get that the day after the baby is born?) and she had to be put in a strait jacket and stay in it in the hospital for 13 days with my husband (??????) and then as soon as his sister was born, she had to ask for the strait jacket and wore it for 11 days. I asked her if she meant a strait jacket like they use in mental hospitals, and she said yes. Could this have been a way of binding her breasts to make her milk dry up? And if this was the case, how could she simultaneously have nursed for a month? (This was in the early 70s both times.)
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