Maybe she had bad reactions to the hypnotic medications they used to give back then for labor. There was quite a trend to give women something called "twilight sleep" during labor and then put them out under general anesthesia during the actual delivery. It was usually a medication called scopalamine. It had no pain reduction properties, but it gave women amnesia. In other words, they hurt like hell, but couldn't remember it later, and they were often delusional and wild during labor.
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that's what i was thinking it may have been..

when my sister was born, my mother did not have any pain medications but shared a room with a women (curtains separated them in the birthing room) who had scopalamine.. my mother and father recall the women screaming "bloody murder" while she was giving birth.. it freaked them both out and they still remember it to this day!
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
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