Maybe she had bad reactions to the hypnotic medications they used to give back then for labor. There was quite a trend to give women something called "twilight sleep" during labor and then put them out under general anesthesia during the actual delivery. It was usually a medication called scopalamine. It had no pain reduction properties, but it gave women amnesia. In other words, they hurt like hell, but couldn't remember it later, and they were often delusional and wild during labor. If they were lucky they also got a bit of morphine for the pain, but not always. It wasn't uncommon to tie women in restraints during twilight sleep labor...for their own protection, and the staff's protection, because they were kinda crazy.

Scope and morphine also depressed babies pretty well for the first few days after delivery, so they weren't able to nurse. It could be that her poorly nursing baby coupled with her fuzzy head from the drugs she had, made her hard breasts just drip drip and never produce correctly. Recovery from birth took a very long time because of those awful drugs.
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She said she had an epidural with my husband because the doctor recommended it and wanted one with his sister but they wouldn't give her one because she was progressing too fast so she got other drugs - maybe the ones you are talking about?
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