are you completely opposed to homebirth in your case? I know we have similar situations in that in NC it's illegal for the midwife to practice (except for one MW that was grandfathered into the law in 1983) but not illegal for the parents to have a homebirth. There's a thriving homebirth community here and even a formal organization called the NC Friends of Midwives. Also there are CPM (certified professional midwives) that have a professional certification and still practice in states where midwifery has been illegal for some time.

If it's not in the cards for your then I think you're doing the best thing by asking around from those "in the know" regarding recommendations. That's important because you may find a family doc that although not an OB would be more open to NCB and your needs as a birthing mom. Also some OBs talk the talk in the early shopping appointments then change their tune and show their true colors. By getting opinions from mothers who've given birth and more liberal childbirth educators you'll save yourself a bunch of heartache.

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