I am only 6 weeks and a few days. Normally I would not be telling people I was pregnant yet, especially since we haven't heard a heartbeat or anything yet.


1. We have a whole bunch of people who think they are coming to our wedding in September. A lot of them are out of town. Since I know that is not going to happen, I feel like I owe people as a courtesy to tell them fairly soon, so they don't make plans to travel, take off work, etc.

2. My being in the third trimester this summer could affect my job. I spend the summer on my feet outside all day, and our summer days are typically 95 degrees with high humidity, often reaching into the 100s. I will need to talk to my supervisor about my options for working this summer. This job is technically seasonal and summer is when I work the most hours.

But I know I am still at a relatively high risk of miscarriage since I'm so early and we have not heard a heartbeat yet. I am hesitant to tell people until we have at least confirmed that it's a healthy pregnancy. I have my next appointment and an ultrasound set for 5 weeks from now, but I am going to try and get in to see some other doctors (see my other post about finding a practitioner I like) so I don't know whether they will do ultrasound/doppler any earlier.

Thoughts? When did you decide to tell people you were pregnant?