I'd use a homebirth midwife, preferably a CPM. I don't feel the need for the state to sanction my homebirth or my birth attendant, any more than I need them to sanction when I have sex or take a crap. Really. Birth is a normal body process, and it's my body.

I had my homebirth in an a-legal/illegal state with a CPM. She was FAB-U-LOUS and I felt very safe in her care. I lived 10 minutes from a hospital, and if I had had to transfer, I felt I would get the same care as if I was seeing an OB all along. The OB's on staff for walk-ins are the same ones who take care of women on a private basis, so what's the difference really? It's not like you spend a whole lot of time getting to know a particular OB in a practice of 11 of them.

So, use a homebirth midwife, or don't. But don't use the excuse that there aren't any midwives in your area because they are "illegal". There are plenty of homebirth midwives in MO. It's up to you to decide if that's what you want, or not. Homebirth is about taking a lot of responsibility for yourself, no matter the legal status in a particular state.