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For those who used a CPM, what kind of certification/professional affiliation did your midwife have? Were they registered through NARM? I don't know a lot about CPMs and how that works. I know a CPM in Arizona so I guess I can bombard her with questions too.
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Yes, my midwife was a CPM with accredidation through NARM. She was apprentice trained. Some states recognize CPM and some don't. My state didn't...that made little difference to me because NARM is national and standarized.
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Here's some info on how it works in Texas.

I orignally wanted a Certified Nurse Midwife, but here they are few and far between. I felt perfectly safe with my CPM, especially since she always travels with one or two assistants and has a fellow CPM as backup for all births. I also had a doula on hand (which in retrospect was a little overkill).