I didn't vax my kids til they were older and I had older kids who needed to go places and I couldn't just stay home. So, I took them out and kept them close to me. Breastfeeding protects against most common germs so I didn't worry very much.
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I stayed home for the first month with baby number one, and limited my outtings with baby number 2 for the first month.

If I were to do it over, I don't think I would have waited to go anywhere, other than just to heal after my surgeries.

My #2 had gone to the ER with me when she was around a week old (I had an infection and we had to take her with), and she also vitisted the hospital again 2 days later when my dad had a heart attack. Other than that, we tried to keep her home...I was esp. nervous about her ER visit with me.