I wish I would have bought a smaller size for his take home outfit. It was newborn 0-3 months, and despite him being average size, 7 lb 8 oz and 21 inches, it swallowed him. The pants came up to his armpits and then some, the little sweater came down to his knees. It looked ridiculous.
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Cympreni, do you mean ridiculous like this?

I was expecting DD to be another 9lber like my son. Nope, she was less than 5.5 lbs when we took her home. I actually had to go out and buy preemie and NB clothes for her because my son wore 0-3 months from birth.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying the teeny sizes to begin with, but scope out some things so that you can send DH out to buy them if you decide you need them. Its nice to have some clothes that actually fit in the beginning even if they will grow out of them fast.