I know I totally shouldn't be posting over here but...

Over the summer I nannied for two little ones from sun-up to sun-down. Both were girls 10 months and 24 months. The most important thing for me was having both of them on the same schedule. Everyone eats at the same time, diaper changes at the same time (except for poopies of course), naps at the same time (that was a nightmare but I finally got it) and so on. If you're constantly going back and forth doing the same things at two different times, you'll be beyond drained. And I think having some kind of a schedule with them will help all of you. Play time is from xyz-xyz time, then walking, then nap, etc.

It was a little easier I think because shortly after I started, the mother transitioned the little one to table food. Getting rid of bottles and jars and spoons and bibs made my life 10 times easier.
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