what a timely topic! our daughter (5) roots to get to sleep and while she's sleeping. by roots, i mean that she moves her feet back and forth in a small spot on her mattress until she finds a comfy place. well, when she's in bed with us, she roots under us, meaning, she digs her feet under our bodies until she's comfortable and leaves them there wedged under our backs, legs, etc. well one night, she had a hang nail on her big toe and was rooting me all night. the next morning, i awoke to welts all over my legs that i later discovered were caused by her hang nail. that bad boy actually broke my skin and i was eventually left with tiny scabbed lines on my leg and thigh.

sometimes my husband and i will toss her rooting legs back and forth to each other to get some peace. it's an endearing thing (i used to root my mother; i guess it's genetic!), but when you are trying to get some sleep, it can drive you crazy.
"Dogs stink too, but I like dog stink." ~ rileyb