Well let me say, after my c-section it was a good long while. But let me explain that I didn't get the c-section with the cute little horizontal scar down below the hips, I had the from the belly button all the way down vertical one so I had a lot of healing to do.

I can relate to the pulling sensation, but mine was at the bottom of my incision and I did have sensation loss. It must have come back at some point though because as I am typing I don't experience any difference now.

I can relate to the natural birth plans getting put to the side due to complications during labor and birth, we had problems with my first son which is why I had to have a c-section for my second son. But eh, in the end all that matters is that we have healthy kids right?!

Congrats on the baby!
"Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Our goals should be health (and) stamina." - Emme Aronson

3A short inverted bob, auburn with red highlights colored hair
Fine, but lots of it

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