hey everybody,
Well i currently have permed hair and I really want to grow it out and leave my hair natural. I have 3b hair which basically falls to my shoulders. I really don't want to cut off all my hair to do this transition thing. I've heard that i can grow it out but won't that make my hair fall out? Because i REALLY don't want that lol.

If you could help me that would be grrrreat =)
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Yes you can definitely grow out your hair without doing a big chop. I had every intention of doing just that last year, but I grew impatience and the 2 textures got on my nerves. If I were you I'd get it trimmed at least every 3 months. That's what my sister did to my niece and its been about 17 months for her and she probably has 2 inches of relaxed hair left and her natural hair is below shoulder length.
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