My 3 oldest kids were pretty much on time for their vaccinations. Our youngest came after I had been doing reading and research. I actually started researching when I heard about a 7 in 1 vaccination for our dog and began wondering if that would not be an overload.

She never went to daycare, so we had the option of delaying the vaccinations. The headnurse about had a fit when I refused the Vit K at birth.

Her: She MUST have the vaccination.
Me: Have you pricked her heel?
Her: Yes.
Me: Did it clot?
Her: Yes.
Me: Then she doesn't need it, does she?
Her: pouting and leaving the room. She literally had no answer for that one. I also fought against the silver nitrate in her eyes, but the nurse badgered me enough on that one (and threatened to report me to the state) that I agreed and they brought her to me and I wiped her eyes out. The nurse also sent in the pedi to try to talk us into immediate vaccinations. NO! How many times do I have to tell you. I finally went in the bathroom and let my husband handle it. I was getting NO respect from the Pedi. We went to his office once then I found another one. Office creeped me out. He was probably a very nice man and a good dr...but I was just really uncomfortable in there.

Lexi did get all her vaccinations...we started her after she turned two. Prior to that, she really did not have much contact with kids her age. Actually, now that I think about it...none. We had her when we were 40 (it's much easier to do when you are 30 than 40), and all our friends had older kids. So that was not a concern. She was very healthy. When she did start getting them, I told them that I wanted them in single dosages, not the multiple like MMR, etc. I wanted to be able to tell if she was having a reaction and WHAT she was having a reaction to.

When your little ones do get their vaccinations, exercise that little leg as much as possible for the first few hours. Maybe every 30 min or so. That spreads the serum and lessens the chance of a sore leg. Once they start walking, go to the playground or just walk around the mall for about an hour. When we did that, there was never any soreness. But if we did hurt. I got a tetanus shot in 96 (I cut myself on a 6" razor) and cleaned windows for 8 hrs that day...and there was NO pain at all or stiffness. So moving that limb really works.

Good luck. I was fortunate that our first pedi was an osteopath AND an MD. He was very open to my use of homeopathic stuff..Hyland's teething tablets are a miracle...and you cannot overdose.
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I have two questions. When you started the vaccinations after the age of two did your daughter only have to get one shot for each vaccination instead of a series? My sister told me that this was the case becaus of all the immunities little one's have...they have to do a series of shots for it too take. After 18 shot will do it. Just curious if the same occurred for your daughter.

Second. Can you get the MMR shot broken out? I didn't know you could do this. I would love to do this for DS.