Yes, you can break out just about any of the vaccines. You do need to have a pedi that you can work with. The one we had here was not real happy that we had waited, but she respected our decision and didn't reprimand. My understanding is that none of the vaccines contain thimerasol (SP?) any longer as there was such an outcry. But you do need to check. You also might want to dose with tylenol before you go and then be sure and go run/play for at least a 1/2 hr afterwards and it is a LOT less painful.

My preference for the single dose vaccines is that if they DO have a reaction, you know exactly what they are reacting to. With something like MMR...hmmm, are they reacting to the measles, mumps or rubella? Plus it does not overload their immune systems. Of course, I am the mom that burned more pacifiers sterilizing them for my oldest than I care to admit. I decided that ya know, mom spit and blowing on it seems to work well as a cleansing agent so...of course, I did carry several at a time (I loved the MAM paccies). I found the last one when we moved from Austin to Houston. The baby was 5. I was a firm believer in passy preparedness and even then, I admit that I did hesitate. 3 yrs later we had our youngest

My oldest is at the age where they are reccomending the vaccines for sexually transmitted stuff. I let her made the decision on it
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