Got the coppola keratin on 1/8 - here's a review!
After 72 LONG hours I was finally allowed to wash my hair with a non-sulfate shampoo (used Devacare NoPoo). It felt good to wash my hair after all those days, plus the keratin treatment leaves a waxy residue on the hair.

After showering I used Deva B-Leavin as a leave-in condish & a tiny bit of Deva Arc Angel, towel dried slightly then let it dry on it's own to see what would happen. I didn't apply heat from a dryer or iron this time - (although I can tell it will be much easier to straighten my hair when I do decide to do it.)
Anyway, I'm thrilled with the results! I have waves that have NO frizz whatsoever. usually, when I just wash and go, my hair is so unruly I end up wearing a baseball hat - but today I ran some errands in gusty wind and my hair didn't explode into a massive frizzball. The time it saves me in the morning makes this treatment worth its weight in gold. Usually I would goto work with that dreaded 'wet perm' look because my curls were drying & I couldn't touch them until 11am! this treatment saves me MUCHO time every morning because most it's soo low maintenance!
I did not experience any reaction to the process or skin/scalp irritation.
I've straightened it via blow dryer/round boar brush and it looks like a salon blow-out every time. before keratin I could NEVER tame the frizz and puffiness when I attempted to smooth it out.

this treatment may be perfect for those of us with curly hair who don't want to go for the japanese straightening which is too permanent & too straight. this treatment allows you to wear your hair wavy but straighten it when you want without a huge hassle.
this whole experience has made me realize how envious I am of those people who are born with a normal amount of keratin! I plan to continue with these treatments as needed assuming my bank account can handle it!

checkout my before & after pics on the fotki album I just created...hopefully it works! (no password needed)
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