you're lucky to have found something that works for you. i may have to try your routine - at least the last few products, anyway. i just got a bottle of rusk jele gloss and i already have ABBA nourishing. now i'll just need to hunt down the redken spin control. is the spin control more of a styler than a leave-in? i'm trying to figure that out.

i realize the redken and the rusk have cones, but i don't care. my hair has been giving me serious problems lately, and i can't handle the uncertain results i'm getting.

does the shampoo you use have sulfates in it? i'm looking for a new gentle sulfate containing shampoo to use since i have a few products with cones in them. i'm going to need to sulfate-wash at least once a month, i think. other than that, i think i will stick to co-washing and jessicurl's HCC most of the time.
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