Thanks for all the replies, I feel a bit better, now. I am just not as prepared as I hoped to be by now. I'm thinking about subjecting myself to the make-up counters in the mall. I've avoided them like the plague my entire life, as I do not take criticism of my appearance well. But I don't have anyone in real life to teach and show me this stuff, so if I could learn a few tricks, I guess it might be worth it.

I want to try meow cosmetics too, but I'm also overwhelmed by the selection! I think I'm a neutral. I can wear almost any color and look fine, but I look great in fall shades and bright colors. The only color that doesn't look good is yellow, but I can wear gold just fine. Both silver and gold jewelry looks fine.

and I'm waaaaay pale. There are a few drugstore lines I can't use because they don't come pale enough. When I have money, I'll have to just order up some samples and see what I like. *sigh*
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I have that same problem. I'm not a big make-up person, obviously, so I've always stuck with drugstore products, and their selection of pale shades is soooo limited. Last night, I went to walmart to test their foundations again. I thought if I have some name of a shade that's good, I'd have a place to start. But nothing was perfect. Loreal-porcelain is close to, but too yellow, their cool and neutral colors are too dark. Revlon color stay-closest color ivory, but once again too yellowish. No other brands there had a color light enough. *sigh*

And for extra fun, my skin is acting up right now. I have a few red spots on my checks from what no clue, and my skin on my face and arms seems darker for some reason. Which is weird, I haven't been out much, and it's freezing over here so I've been very well covered up when I do go out. I could still blind people with my legs at least.