When I first ordered Meow, I chose 14 samples. I picked half of them based on the descriptions that sounded like they would work on me, and the rest were chosen strictly for how the color swatch appeared. I also tried the different formulations and concealers. Many of the samples worked very well with my skintone-they are extremely forgiving. But the biggest surprise was the sample that matched perfectly is one that I would never have picked on looks alone. The written description of who it would work on was spot on, but it looked way more neutral/less orangy or peachy than anything I thought would work on me. I guess that must have been why I was never happy with what I chose in the past. I think many samples are worth the small investment, and my advice is don't stop until you try them all since so many may be really good, but one you haven't tried might be your absolute perfect shade! I love the stuff-not dry, not oily, layers nicely when you need more coverage, never feel like you have it on...good luck with your order!