If you take a digital photo of yourself, without makeup, outside in natural light, and post it on Meow's CatChat forum, other members will be happy to suggest foundation colors for you to sample. Get samples of those, plus a few others that you think might work for you, and be sure to sample the colors in more than one foundation type, depending on your skin type.

Someone who is a complete novice to makeup should start small with basics...foundation, blush, perhaps concealor...and save the primers, finishers, bronzers, etc., for later. I'm a makeup ho, and I never use bronzers or primers or concealors. Sometimes I use a finisher, not often. I've got my skin in such good shape from my skincare routine, and also from using mineral makeup that doesn't break me out or irritate me, that I don't really need a lot of makeup anymore.

Meow has lucious eyeshadows, so if you're into eyeshadow, be sure to sample some of those as well.

Get yourself the proper application tools...a good kabuki, a slanted fluffy blush brush, a couple of eyeshadow brushes in small and tiny sizes...and you'll be good to go.