I have been transitioning since July 07. My last relaxed style was a Rianna/Victoria Beckam type bob. I'm scared to chop off mine too! I have had kinky twists for about 3 months. I took them out in December. My hair grew alot. Right now I am wearing a 3B wig and I have my hair in about braids underneath. I may get braids or twists again. Like everyone says CONDITION and MOISTURIZE!!!

Everyone is very helpful with product suggestions too!
Last relaxer - July 07
BC - 8/2/08
4B headband-holic
Products in rotation (too many!):
Shampoo - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Giovanni Tea Tree
Condish - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Trader Joe Nourish Spa
Leave in - Sheamoisture Curl Milk, KCNT, Giovanni Direct
Deep Treatment - Apoghee Two Step Protein Treatment, Giovanni Nutrafix
Moisturizers - Carefree Curl Gold Spray
Stylers - Sheamoisture Curl Smoothie

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