This is the version I tried. I only made a little, so I could tweak it--and not be stuck with too much! First, I did a homemade flax gel--using 4 T of ground flax in 2 cups of water. Brought it to a boil and then simmered until it was thick. Strained it through muslin.

The rest is as follows:
1/2 c hot water
1 T Aloe Vera gel
1/2 t each, Epsom salt and sea salt
1/4 c flax seed gel
a few drops each lemon oil and lavender eo

I used it this morning on 'third day" deva curl hair. Before leaving the shower I spraying it on soaking wet hair and "combed" it through. Wrapped it in a mf towel for 30 minutes and it's now air drying. My curls are more defined than they've ever been--they are summer curls without any frizz! Of course, it is raining here today.

BTW, I'm a 3a. Haven't figured out the signature!