ok, my henna from catherine just got in today, so, im finna mix some up with some green tea and will aply it tomorrow a.m. and let it sit while i write a paper for school. im planning to mix honey, olive oil and some cinnamon into it. im excited!

i like it. i forgot to add the cinnamon, but the smell wasnt bad, so... i let it sit for about 5 or 6 hours before i rinsed. i wasnt excited about red hair, but the color is fantastic! my hair definately seemed easier to manage, and the curls more defined while i was rinsing the henna out in the shower. it also seemed fluffier. it was still a bit frizzy and dry-ish while i was applying my DT, but we will see how it turns out once i rinse that out and put in product. i took some photos to try & compare the difference to my hair a few weeks ago, but i cant tell. all in all, i think the combo of co-washing & hennaing will give me good results. anyway, i have 9 more boxes, so...
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