LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Fuzzy duck products. The gel is one of my HG products. It has a stronger hold than the mop top gel (which i also have and is nice if you need light hold) I use the Fuzzy duck shampoo about once a week and i also use the Fuzzy duck co. Incidently, my son who is a freshman in college (and a curly) took the fuzzy duck poo and co to college with him he liked them so much
3A; I have HG products!
Curl enhancer: Mop-C curl cream
DT: Deva Heaven in Hair; JC WDT
Gel: B&A; Arc Angel
Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
PW: curlynow