I didn't vote because I have mixed feelings on the ones I was called:

the negative ones:

Brillo - called by moron types in jr. high. Now it rolls off my back to think about it, but back then it was fairly hurtful. But then again, what isn't when you're 13?

Afro - see above.

the positive ones:

Poof - my bestest friend in jr. high called me this after we tried putting my short hair in side ponytails. The result were these little...poofs! So hence, I became Poof, and called her Boof. They were goofy but cute nicknames.

Lambey-head - my college roommate used to rub my head when I had a bad day and call me her "Little Lambey-Head" It was sweet.

Baa-Baa Lamb - courtesy of mom.
3b (I think!)
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