I voted for the Aussie combo, though I also love BRHG...it's just that the Aussie combo is cheaper and so I use it more often.

But, even better for me is a new combo involving both Aussie and BRHG that I have been trying recently!

I apply one big glob of Aussie Dual Water + Gel to sopping wet hair, scrunch a bit with a microfiber towel, then plop for about 10 minutes. Then I added another smaller glop of the Aussie and diffuse for just 5 minutes. (The total amount of Aussie gel I use in this combo is about half of what I would normally use with Ava's combo). Then I add a quarter-sized glop of BRHG to damp hair, which adds definition, curl, and just a bit more hold (I need it now with the wind and snow in Michigan!). Sometimes I also add a pump of ISO bouncy creme to the BRHG, mix in my hand and then apply.

Hope this helps!
3A/medium texture/thick
dark brown layers, BSL
Currently using: Suave Coconut Condish, HE Body Envy mixed with BRHG