when I was younger (elementary school, grades 0-4) my hair was somehwhatstraight, btu now it's really puffy(but I'm learning how to define it!!!) But anyway I;ve always been asked "Don't you BBrush your hair??" actually no I don't, I comb it. and I've been called "abominable snow curl" and Chewbaca.(sp) and I dunno how I forgot this, but people always call me "afro puff" and "afro girl" and make comments about me having an "afro" (like some of you too, I guess!) and people always make fun of me because they can't see behind my hair...

and people are always asking me why I don't straighten my hair (because ti's impossible thats why! and maybe I like my hair!) I was at the orthodontists office and the lady who was doing my teeth kept telling me to straighten it!!

but I do get quite a few shocked gasps and moans, and creepy people who want to touch my hair, and make comments"Oh, it's so lovley! I'm jealous!" and such.