I've been down for the count the last couple of days with the flu - thought it was just a cold, but I've been too miserable. I've been enjoying reading all your posts, though. Today I finally have enough energy to respond.

Amandacurls - I do recommend the New Rules of Lifting for Women -- it's got a great strength training program

NetG - you're smart to get the walking in when and where you can

Lilah - I love the idea of Zumba and tap dancing - what a fun way to exercise!

Mamacurls - You're doing a great job of consistently exercising, despite a baby at home - WTG!

xcptnl - good luck w/the gym - I find getting started is the hardest part, too....

wild~hair - yoga and walking are a great combo! What kind of yoga do you do?

goldy - I want your exercise routine -- beach paddleball and canoeing - sounds like way more fun than my routine!

You all are putting me to shame, I'll try to get back on track tomorrow...
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