I've been down for the count the last couple of days with the flu - thought it was just a cold, but I've been too miserable. I've been enjoying reading all your posts, though. Today I finally have enough energy to respond.
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Have you had a runny nose, and exhaustion, and possibly your body is starting to hurt? Your sinuses are starting to feel closed up about now, and you may be starting to run a fever?

If so, it probably IS a cold. There is a very, very nasty cold going around! The virus survives for about 2 weeks, most people end up with sinus infections, and apparently for the most part it's ending up as bronchitis or pneumonia about 2 weeks after the start. If that's what you have, the strongest recommendation I can give you is go see your doctor when you start showing symptoms you think he might be able to do something about. For the sinus infection, decongestants can help it drain and get better quickly if you get in soon enough for strong ones. If you have a neti pot or something, that may help, too. I have an inhaler I use to prevent lung problems (bronchitis girl here!) and am convinced that's why I didn't end up with bronchitis this time. But my doctor wanted me to take a full two weeks off work because of it!
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