2/15/08 - did the C25K, W4D1 w/o; it was tough, but do-able!
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how are you liking the Couch Potato to 5k program? i've considered doing it multiple times, but i feel like i probably couldn't even get through the first workout without feeling like blech..

if you don't mind me asking, what type of shape were you in when you first started it? i find myself getting winded when i walk up a few flights of stairs (yes i'm out of shape, my metabolism is my worst enemy grrrr.....)
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I'm not 2poodles but I am doing the C25K program on my treadmill and although I have had some set backs due to death in the family/travel, it is manageable.

The first two weeks, for me at least, were very doable and I started as a very out-of-shape 30 lbs over my goal weight person. The third week I felt great and it was going along just fine. Week 4 just about killed me because I went away for a week and didn't keep up. So I started back on week 3 and did that again and then went ahead. I'm doing okay but not loving running by any stretch of the imagination. My husband and I have run a couple of times outside together and that went well. He is used to running and pushes me to keep doing and do better. I know I can run 5K as I have in the past but as I get older I realize that it just isn't as easy to get into shape or lose weight like it used to be in my early 20s.