I can't believe that God would give an entire race "Bad hair".
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"Good" and "Bad" are very subjective terms, especially when it comes to personal appearance/hair. And I'm not so sure what god has to do with it as hair is a matter of genetics-science.
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I just took this quote because, as I'm sure you already know, if most people believe in God (with a big G) then God is in everything, including genetics-science. Being born is a miracle from God. Everything else you said I can relate to. This quote just stuck out to me and I had to say something.

But this is a hair board I'll take it back to hair.

It's really not such a horrible thing to have such physical diversity within a community of people. What sucks is all of the social brainwashing and pressure to conform.
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True true. I think most posters, including myself, would agree. But people with "good" hair are sometimes thought of as less black. At least, where I'm living. Or that the only way to go natural is if you have curly hair. Which is also false.

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