2/15/08 - did the C25K, W4D1 w/o; it was tough, but do-able!
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how are you liking the Couch Potato to 5k program? i've considered doing it multiple times, but i feel like i probably couldn't even get through the first workout without feeling like blech..

if you don't mind me asking, what type of shape were you in when you first started it? i find myself getting winded when i walk up a few flights of stairs (yes i'm out of shape, my metabolism is my worst enemy grrrr.....)
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I'm 45 y/o and weigh ~ 20 pounds more than I'd like. I have scoliosis and a slight leg length discrepancy that is helped w/an orthotic in one sneak. I've been concerned about the impact of jogging on my spine and my knees, so I've been using the treadmill. I've found the C25K program to be a really excellent blend of easing me into jogging and challenging me to improve. The program really does go slowly enough that I haven't had any serious joint issues at all. And I'm quite happy to progress slowly! I call it wogginhg (walk/jog). I hope to eventually try jogging outdoors, but it will really depend on how my spine does. So far, so good. I recommend the C25K to anyone who has an interest in jogging!
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