Way to go everyone!

I'll be joining you soon for accountability. I've taken about a week off because I've had a bad combination of a cold and bad withdrawal side effects from transitioning off a medication. Blech. I really wanted to lift weights today, but with my light-headedness I was afraid I'd hurt myself. So I'm going to do push-ups and crunches tonight and see if I feel good enough to do the rest tomorrow.

Amanda - I've been doing the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women workouts, too and really like them. They're tough but do-able!

ETA: I just remembered I walked a little over 2 miles today around campus. Brrr!
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I know this is a stupid question, but you don't "bulk" when you do them do you? I know they say women are incapable of getting all hulking and what not, but I've seen women at my gym at least that are too muscular for my taste. I would never want to look like them. I mean I'm sure everyone has their own body composition and what not (I'm more of an ectomorph) and I don't build muscle easy, it's a struggle for me to. I'm just afraid of my legs or arms getting too big. I want to keep my female build, if you get my drift.