I can definitely relate! I think I have all my many ethnic backrounds scattered throughout my hair.
I have 2a/b hair on my underneath most layer..completely silky, somewhat fine, wavy hair. Than I have some hair over that which is coarse and only usually wants to wave up but sometimes it curls. Than I always have a layer of 3a curls on top that curl up nicely in big loose curls. I even have a few pieces bordering on 3b hair sometimes! I usually don't worry about it, since my top curly hair and the pieces around my face are curly and the underneath hair barely is noticed. This type of hair can be so frustrating and unpredictable though.
I use the same products on all my hair but I'll use more conditioner on my canopy since it's more prone to dryness. A cold rinse upside down in the shower with gentle shaking seems to help it form clumps, making it more uniform hair...and a good gel helps keep it clumpy, and plopping with a microfiber towel also seems to help.
Does anyone else relate or have any suggestions?