"Curly" by several people, which was meant in a cute way and I liked.

"Diana Ross" and "Slash" in high school, which I also liked.

"Frizz-head" by some girls who didn't like me.

"Bush woman" or "bush head" by my so-called friends in junior high.

"Scary Spice" and "Freddie" (Cree Summer's character on A Diff'rent World) in college - liked those too.

"Pouffy" and "pouff-head" from several people in college.

My mama has called me "angel hair" like the pasta ever since I can remember and I like that. Before he knew she did that, my husband called me "angel hair" and he still does.

Also, politically incorrect, but my aunt and some of my cousins used to call me "gypsy" or "gypsy girl" because of my hair.

Urbancurl, my braids used to curl up and stick out like Pippi Longstocking's too! I think people used to comment on that as well.
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LOL!!!!! Girl, they call me "Diana Ross" too...even when I had a relaxer.
Uhmm...they call me "Ringlet" at work...they call me "Puff" in class...and one chick called me "Floetry" (my hair doesn't even look like theirs!)
Yay for Kinky-Curly Custard!
mostly 3c with patches of 2b, 3b, and 4a
Nappy...and oh-so happy