Bummer we don't have a Trader Joe's here...yet, that does sound like an excellent deal. I've heard they have good wines too?
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Sorry, I thought you were in the Twin Cities for some reason. I love wine but since I live alone, I don't buy it very often, since I can never seem to finish a bottle before it turns. Glad you've seen the Milk Stout around. Definitely check it out!

wild~hair -- you are NUTS to be walking around outside in weather like that!! Go inside and have a nice hot toddy - none of that cold stout stuff....
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haha, but I did have a beer after that, along with some nice hot soup and tamales.

Honestly, I'm colder in my apartment than I am walking around outside. I actually get hot out there, because I've got so many layers on and I'm moving pretty fast. Only my hands and ears get a little nipped, so I just wear extra scarves and put my gloved hands in my pockets.

As long as there's not ice, I've always enjoyed walking in super cold weather! I have issues with sweat, in that I don't sweat enough to regulate body temperature (and have to be REALLY careful doing stuff outdoors in the summer in AZ), so if I exercise in super cold weather I end up feeling a comfy temperature!
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Yes, and I seem to run hotter than most, and sweat a lot more than most people in my yoga classes. It's kinda gross! I just tell myself I'm working harder and that's why. [Ya right.]

And yet I am the coldest person ever when it comes to being in a chilly building, like my apartment. I always have the heating pad going and extra layers. It makes no sense.

So, yesterday evening I went for a 30-minute walk. I'm doing yoga this afternoon. I switched it up because last night I had a social thing and drank a glass of wine and it's always hard to do yoga after that. But I can always walk.

ETA: 75 minutes of yoga Friday

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