ive just read the entire 5 pages of theis thread and its very interesting. i can relate on so many levels. im often asked if i have a jherri curl/texturizer and it pisses me off b/c i take such good care of my hair, its a slap in the face to my effort. about 3 months ago while at the gym, a lady came up to me and asked what kind of curl i had, i told her i was natural. she gave me the yeah right look... as if i have a reason to lie to her. my uncle, a trainer at the gym, saw that i was getting annoyed by this woman, so he started a spanish (speaking) conversation w me to get her away. after he left, she comes back to me and says, "oh i see why your hair like that, you mixed!" (im black/puerto rican..hardly mixed) when i was black it was a curl, now that im spanish, its natural. what a shame.

as far as nappturality goes, i love it there. i used to get angry and accuse alot of women there of being curly haters, but then i realized where they were comming from. think of it like this, if you're at a black pride rally and start talking about how happy you are to have a light complexion, or ways to make your dark skin light, its gonna anger some of the darker attendees b/c their skin is the most vilified and that only adds to the division. lighter blacks do exist, and have full right to be proud...but the theme is black pride, so theres no room for dividing skintones, we're all black. maybe thats not the best example but im sleepy

that site got me through my first year natural. you just have to understand the rules over there, both actual and underlying (if you catch my drift). sometimes the ladies can be a little when it comes to curly hair, but at the end of the day, its the best informational on black natural hair.

all in all, its a shame curly hair cant be natural. if you're black at least.
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