jazzijenni, that was a really great example you gave! it makes things very clear. but i would like to share another example given by one of the ladies over at NP. she compared it to being a vegetarian "club" or something (i'm already messing this up! ) she said it's a place for everyone to come a talk about eating vegetables and what not, even if you're not a full vegetarian. but don't be surprised if people get angry when you come in talking about the great steak you had last night, or the benefits of eating meat. i totally messed up the explanation, i'm sorry but hopefully people get the idea. after i read it, i felt so much more comfortable there because it makes sense.

back to the topic...i've never got the "your hair can't be real comments" because my hair never looks "too good to be true" it's always disheveled, just like the rest of me the only comments i get are comments about my nationality...even from other haitians who don't "look haitian" themselves! come on people!
a crazy 4a/3c mix
o/s; thin; thready/cottony?