OK, this might sound like a really weird question, but how do you use a curling iron? Since I have had curly hair all my life, I've never used one, and now I don't really know how! I wear my hair curly almost all the time, but I also straighten it sometimes, just for a change. I don't really like the two extremes though-either really curly or stick staright. I want to try adding some waves with a curling iron after my hair is straightened, so it's not TOO straight. I tried it the other day, leaving the iron in my hair for about 10-15 seconds on the highest heat, but no curl! What am I doing wrong? Am I not leaving the iron in long enough? I don't want to fry my hair, but I don't know why it's not working. Is it possibnle that my hair just won't curl with one? And it's not the iron because it's brand new. Someone, please help! Thanks.