Okay, so I'm not sure where I am anymore as far as hair typing is concerned. It changes with length and products, so I thought I'd post here at the "in between" 2a and 2c forum.

Anyway, I just wanted to rave about Re:coil on DRY hair. I'm not going to be able to use this much longer because I'm almost out and I can't order anymore right now...but while I have it, here is my routine that I LOVE:

-Wash with Paves (My scalp is too oily to CO wash)
-Condition with One Condition
-Add Aussie Dual Personality Volumizing Foam + Leave in Conditioner on SOAKING wet hair in the shower
-Add Re:coil on soaking wet hair and rake through
-Scrunch with Microfiber Turban
-Add more Re:coil
-Continue Diffusing
-Add Re:coil on completely dry hair and scrunch

This gave me very bouncy hair. No visible crunch, and the crunch that was there was easy to srunch out. I got comments on how my hair was curlier and things like "You're going to need to teach me how to curl my hair like that." Anyway, just thought I'd share. Maybe the Re:coil on dry hair would work for some of you too?
2b, low porosity, high density, fine, loves protein