Hi Riot Crrl,

I'm a 3-day old CG and I just CO-washed and conditioned with 365 mint conditioner today. The first time I CO-washed was Saturday (w/Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze conditioner). I just spritzed and scrunched on Sunday. All in all, not too bad an experience and I'm surprised that I had any wave at all!

When I washed with the mint today though, my waves were disappointingly droopy. The smell was definitely refreshing and it was a much lighter conditioner than Suave's so I was really surprised how much droopier my waves were today.

I saw another thread on ingredients that don't agree with folks' hair and the two ingredients that are in the mint and not in the Suave are panthenol and glycerine.

My hair today looks a bit more greasy around the crown but doesn't feel that way (glycerine may be the culprit?) and it seems any time I ever use something with panthenol, it just doesn't work well for me. BTW, I think I'm mostly a 2A with some 3A tendencies around temples and I have mild frizzy halo around most of the canopy.

I should also note what else I did differently. Saturday I also rinsed with ACV and used Garnier's curl shaping gel. Today, no ACV and played the mad scientist with a homemade flax seed hair gel (w/about a tbsp. of FOTE aloe gel). Maybe I should try it without the aloe next time. So, anyway, this may have also contributed to the droop. Or, I'm just still adjusting and need to be patient.