I am new to the boards but I have been coming to this site for many years. I just wanted to put in my two cents.

I remember people making good and bad comments about my hair all through my life but for every bad comment there had to be 20 positives. Honestly, the ones I remember most are those people who would tell me how lucky I am for being born with curly hair. When I was a kid I would just roll my eyes. So of course in reply I used to get the line about how even if I don't appreciate my hair now I will someday. And of course, I really did start to appreciate it...

It wasn't until high school when I realized that it was something that made me special. I used to hear a lot of girls say, "Oh I wish I could have her hair." And let me tell you, I never met a guy that didn't like long, wild, curly hair. In fact, I am sure that is how my husband first noticed me...he might not admit that but I know that is definitely one thing that attracted him to me. And after seeing it frizzy and dry and messy and first thing in the morning, I know he still loves my hair.

I'm not bashing straight hair but I can honestly say I'm forever glad I am curly girl. Curly hair is so timeless. It is like a classic that people cannot get enough of. Believe me, I get sick of my hair and my curls are not even 1/10th as gorgeous as the pictures of the people who post on here. But all in all, I am totally proud to have curls and could care less what people have to say about it.