i was born curly, with tight 3B (maybe even a little 3C) hair. don't really know what happened after LOL my mom always brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail or something, cause i hated the hair hanging in my face.
it became more wavy as i got older, and i always wore it up in a bun or in a braid. (i hated my frizzy/weird hair)
when i was about 15 i started coloring my hair and always wore it pulled back tight so no curl or whatever could escape from it's "prison".
my ex mother-in-law did the colouring for me after a few mistakes i made, and she discovered my curly hair, and begged me to wear it down.
i never did until about a year ago LOL. (i even stopped colouring my hair)
now that i've found the right products to care for my hair, and thanks to this site with all of you beautiful curlies i really love my curly hair!
i straightened it last week just for fun, but didn't like it at all!! when i was younger i always wanted arrow straight hair, but now i get bored with it LOL!!
Hairtype: 3A/3B
Co-Wash: Enliven (Raspberry)
Conditioning: Nubian Heritage Conditioner, Enliven , KCKT
Leave In: Shea Butter Leave In, Mixed Chicks, (trying) GDLI
Styling: L'Oreal Invisi FX gel, Blended Cutie Down and Out Styles,Jessicurl RR & CCSS, CK, (trying) Pink Boots & KY(waiting for CK to arrive)
Currently: Experimenting.